SpaceX will launch 60 satellites on Tuesday (23); know how to watch

by Kelvin
SpaceX will launch 60 satellites on Tuesday (23);  know how to watch

This Tuesday (23), SpaceX will launch another Starlink satellite launch into Earth orbit that can be followed with the naked eye. If the action is successful, Elon Musk’s aerospace company will set a record by sending 178 satellites into space.

Departing at 6:58 pm EDT, the Falcon 9 rocket will take 60 Starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral, Florida, into space. The release will be broadcast live on the channel. YouTube by SpaceX and by NASA TV. As with other recent shipments, this one could be spotted cutting through the skies, but only in certain areas of the UK.

(Source: VisualHunt)

Starlink is a constellation of satellites under construction by SpaceX. The project started in mid-March and already totals 500 objects in orbit. It’s still a very small amount compared to the 12 thousand devices planned by the company to provide worldwide internet coverage.


These stellar objects can be easily identified in the night sky as they form a straight line. In Brazil, satellites were present on May 10th. The occasion generated a lot of movement on social networks and took a lot of people by surprise.

UK residents will be able to check out the constellation created by Musk’s company on two occasions: today (23) at 3:38 am (local time) and Wednesday (24) at 3:26 am. Objects will go south to southeast in both passages.

Onlookers can locate Starlink satellites through the website Find Starlink and check when the next ticket will be in various regions of the world. The launch and major news from SpaceX can be accompanied by YouTube.

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