Specifications OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro: More details are filtered

by Kelvin
Specifications OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro: More details are filtered 1

We do not stop receiving leaks about the new OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T Pro, this time we will review their technical specifications plus some novelty we knew nothing about he hasThis today.

Specifications OnePlus 7T

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The practically confirmed specifications of the OnePlus 7T will be the following:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor.
  • 6.55 ″ Fluid AMOLED display at 90 Hz with 2400 × 1800 pixel resolution, integrated fingerprint reader, It will also feature HDR10 +.
  • 8GB of RAM and 128 / 256GB of storage.
  • Main camera of 48 MP f / 1.6 with electronic and optical stabilization, secondary of 12MP f / 2.2 telephoto with zoom x2 and finally a 16MP f / 2.2 wide angle sensor.
  • 16MP front camera with electronic stabilization.
  • 3,800 mAh battery with 20% faster loading than in the previous generation.
  • OxygenOS based on Android 10.

Among the novelties we will have a macro mode for photos, night mode and 960 slow motion video recording SPF.

Like the next Google Pixel, apparently OnePlus would focus on functions of software as the main novelty of the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro.

Of course, without neglecting design and performance as you can see in this article. At the moment they are unknown their combinations of colors and prices.

Although Gizmochina reports the colors could be matt.

Specifications OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus 7T Pro "class =" wp-image-36589 lazyload "srcset =" http://applexgen.com/en/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Specifications-OnePlus-7T-and-7T-Pro-More-details-are-filtered.jpeg 569w, https: // clubtech. en / wp-content / uploads / 2019/09 / leaker-oneplus-7tpro-150x150.jpeg 150w, https://clubtech.es/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/leaker-oneplus-7tpro-300x300.jpeg 300w, https://clubtech.es/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/leaker-oneplus-7tpro-420x420.jpeg 420w "sizes =" (max-width: 569px) 100vw, 569px

The OnePlus 7T Pro adds or modifies the following:

  • 6.65 ″ Fluid AMOLED display with resolution 3100 × 1440 and 516 dots per inch, maintains 90 Hz and will have HDR10 + support.
  • The main rear camera is maintained, the secondary has a modification in its megapixels going to have 8MP the telephoto (with zoom x3) and 16MP the wide angle.
  • 4,085 mAh battery with the same fast charge as Warp Charge 30T.

OnePlus that get better at fair

Apparently these new OnePlus 7T / 7T Pro improve some aspects to catch up. Aspects such as the processor, screen refresh rate and cameras.

Honestly, this is all very well, but the OnePlus 7 They are still a highly recommended option.

At the moment there is no known information about available colors, variants and prices. Although we believe that they will continue in the line of the previous models.

Possible submission date

It is said that on October 10 these new OnePlus would be presented and their availability would not take long to arrive (it is spoken of the 15th of that month as the official sale date).

Apparently OnePlus will update its terminals to the right extent, although to know how they are We must first have them in hand and analyze them.

Source | Gizmochina

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