Speedcheck – The Most Accurate Internet Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest

by Kelvin

Online guides are gaining popularity on the web, which reveal secret moments that help to ‚Äúsqueeze‚ÄĚ the maximum speed from connecting to the Internet.


One such resource is Speedcheck. It is noteworthy that the site not only trivially estimates the connection speed, but does it using powerful servers with a speed of 40 Gb / s, located around the world. This allows you to display the most accurate indicator of the connection speed along the traffic route, and not from a specific computer, as is the case on other tester sites.

Speedcheck also provides useful instructions on how to properly configure your global network connection. We will briefly review the main points of six short, but very informative chapters. From them you will learn about the speed of the Internet, the basics of the connection, a little information about modems and routers, and finally you can figure out the reasons for a slow Internet connection.

How to increase the speed of the Internet?

From the first chapter you will be introduced to the features of measuring the speed of the Internet. The second will reveal a lot of new things about how the provider organizes your Internet connection and concludes an agreement with you. What types of networks exist and what is generally hidden behind the concept of "IP address".

The third chapter discusses such interesting things as the difference between a router and a modem, and what types of connections they are divided into. Details are disclosed about wireless networks that are popular in our time, and how they changed with the development of mobile networks and smartphones.


In the fourth chapter, you will learn about the real factors that can affect the speed of the Internet. Such knowledge will protect you from calling a paid specialist, whose real activities may be hiding a fraudster. Thanks to Speedcheck, terms such as traffic, ISP or DSL along with ADSL will become clear.

And along with this, in the fifth and sixth chapters you will be asked to go to the practical part, where you can figure out yourself why there is no network connection. You will be offered recommendations, and how it will be possible to speed up your Internet connection so that you can get much more information that is not available to other people.

And if you can’t find the solution you need through the harmonious, convenient and simple Speedcheck interface, experts have developed mobile smartphone applications available for Android and iOS in the Google Play and App Store.

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