Spider-Man: Sony President Closes MCU Hero Novel

by Kelvin
Spider-Man: Sony President Closes MCU Hero Novel

The novel about what Spider-Man's future will look like in theaters has received a new plot twist. During an interview, Sony Pictures President and CEO Tony Vinciquerra stated that “the doors are closed” to the hero in the Marvel Studios.

Vinciquerra said the studio partner was very positive on both sides, and that the hero had incredible opportunities alongside the Avengers. But with Kevin Feige's demands for renewal, Sony had no choice but to terminate the partnership. However, Vinciquerra does not rule out that in the future, the two parties may enter into a new agreement. "Life is too long," said the Sony president.

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Understand the soap opera

In the late 1990s, the Marvel had to sell the rights to some of his main characters. While Fox got the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, Sony got the Spider-Man. Since then the studio has released five independent web-head films, with two actors playing the hero over 12 years and a reboot.

With the success of the films of Marvel Studios, the company returned to the game to try to recover one of its most beloved characters. Then, alongside Sony, a partnership was announced that would allow Spider-Man to be used in some MCU films. In addition Marvel would get 5% of the total box office of the theious and could still market his image.

With the end of the contract, Kevin Feige proposed a new deal, so that profits would be split evenly between the two studios. That's when Sony announced that the hero would no longer be part of the MCU. Some rumors point to a second attempt to strike a deal with the Marvel suggesting a 30/70 split, something that was also not accepted by Sony.

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Sony Reverse Spider

Sony seems to be relying on its potential to go back to working alone with Spider-Man's universe in the cinema. The first version, starring Tobey Maguire, featured two sequels and landed one of cinema's most popular hero films: Spider-Man 2. In addition, the recent animation, Spider-Man: No Spider-Man, was a critical hit, having received the best animated Oscar this year.

Meanwhile, villain Venom also received a solo movie in 2018 and was a huge blockbuster. The movie has grossed more than $ 850 million worldwide and already has a sequel announced for 2020. So far Sony has not announced whether Spider-Man will be following, but recently news has revealed that Tom Holland has recorded a scene for the first movie, having been cut from the final version of the feature.

(Source: IMDb / Reproduction)

"Spider-Man was well ahead of the partnership films, did better with the partnership films, and now that we have our own universe, he will also appear with the other characters. I think we are able to do what we have to do here "concluded Vinciquerra.

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