Spotify added something new to Android 10: timeline


In the last weeks Spotify This has been the goal of many users. This app makes changes to Android and has started to stop supporting classic widgets. Currently there are alternatives, but they are not free. Among the changes we expect on Spotify there are other things that you will surely receive with open arms. This is the progress bar or timeline in the notification. generated by the application when you play music. So far, this notification only shows information about the song, the Play / Pause button and the previous or next song.

Now Spotify Take advantage of the functions implemented by Google in Android 10 that allow you to have the media progress bar. Spotify did not initially welcome this feature, but it has been updated to benefit all users. Yes This is only on Android 10.


How to have Spotify progress bar on Android 10

If you are currently connected Android 10 and you want to try Spotify's progress bar. You have to know something: it is only available, for now, in beta app. This is something that is being tested by Spotify and at the end we will see a stable version of the application. Of course, if you want to try it, you must download the beta version. It is important to emphasize that only Android 10 welcomes this new thing, so don't bother trying another operating system.

Initially, the progress bar only shows the progress of the song and does not allow interaction with it. That is, you cannot place the playback where you want it. Spotify requires little time to notice bugs and update the beta version of the app. The current bar is fully functional and appears in any song you play with Spotify on Android 10.

This is a feature that is still being tested, so it is only a matter of time before the stable version perfects it and sees it. The bad news is that you have to upgrade to Android 10 in order to use this feature. The good news is that from now on all versions of Android should include something like this and in a year or two this will be something that almost all users will enjoy on Spotify.

Source | Android Police

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