Spotify enforces location request to prevent misuse of family plan

by Kelvin

Spotify enforces location request to prevent misuse of family plan 3

The Spotify app is always receiving updates to provide users with more enhanced options designed to make streaming music even more different. The company recently announced that it will intensify the location request to reduce misuse of the family plan.

Shortly after the online music service was created, the "Family Premium Plan" was implemented to allow people to share the same account, indirectly, with other relatives and charge a small monthly fee, far below that charged. in normal premium.


However, there are still those who prefer the collective option to finance the value alone, but having to split as relatives residing at the same address. But some realized that it was possible to share such a plan with friends from different parts of the country, states, and even the world, just as it does on Netflix, a practice that is seen as illegal in the streaming service.

However, Spotify began to realize that this practice was being carried out and began a tracking process to find out that it uses Premium Familiar in the right way, requesting the location to confirm the home address of each of the registered.

Last year the company had started investigations, but had to backtrack because it had no way of measuring where each relative must reside to be part of this model plan, making it necessary to change tactics. But now Spotify has again requested location, but routinely within the application, making it easier to identify a parameter based on territorial movement.

To be able to do this without future headaches, the terms and conditions of the plan have been modified, requiring confirmation to perform tracking, otherwise the new contract will require you to stop streaming music online. The final decision has a 30-day deadline and is already being implemented in the United States and Ireland.