Spotify invites iOS users not to subscribe from the application

by Kelvin

Hiring Spotify from the Web is cheaper than from the iOS app

As the vast majority of streaming music lovers will know, the famous streaming music service Spotify has its basic account as a premium, the latter can be had thanks to a monthly subscription fee.

Now, in addition to those differences, perhaps most users will not know that paying said premium subscription through an iOS device, they will have to pay 30% more of commission to Apple, so if the service is activated directly from the application installed on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the price will be € 12.99 and if done directly from the website the price of the same service will be 9 € 99.


Spotify invites iOS users not to subscribe from the application 4

Spotify notifies its iOS users through an email

Now with the arrival of the new competitor of the Californian firm, Apple Music, it seems that Spotify's path from this moment will be a little more difficult. For this reason the guys in the streaming music service have thought that paying more from the iPhone and iPad app could be a reason why users would not want to pay for the premium subscription.

This led them to make a very simple decision and that is that They have sent an informative email to a large number of users through which they show the great price difference if you subscribe through the iOS application or if you do it directly from the web.

The policy of the App Store, the app store of Apple, prevents application developers from putting links in applications that redirect users to sites outside the App Store where they can make purchases. In this way, the only way Spotify had to send this information to a large number of its users has been with the email.

Spotify invites iOS users not to subscribe from the application 5

The price difference can be the great attraction of Apple Music

In addition to this increase in the price of Spotify when hiring the premium service through the application for iOS devices, the reason for this action is that the price of Apple Music for individual accounts is € 9.99 per month and € 14.99 per month for family accounts, so iOS users, when the 3-month free trial period ends, are likely to be more tempted to spend a little less for enjoying the music service offered by Apple.

Do you prefer Apple Music or Spotify?

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