Spotify prepares to launch its “Stories” soon

by Kelvin
Spotify prepares to launch its “Stories” soon

Since Snapchat created the Stories For its platform, several social networks copied the function to the delight of its users. Instagram he managed to prolong his popularity thanks to them, and now Spotify Look to apply the same recipe. The music app lwill soon release its version of Stories.

The information is not official yet, but it has everything you need to be. The data comes from developer Jane Manchun Wong, who usually analyzes the application codes to know in advance the future news of the most popular platforms. It was so that he detected the arrival of Stories to Spotify.


There is still no release date, as explained above. However, it is rumored that the function would be available early next year. There would be more tests ahead for the Stories of the song app.

The Stories will not be available to everyone

Spotify prepares to launch its “Stories” soon 2

The information below is merely speculative, based on data provided by the Wong. It is believed that lace Stories Spotify will only be for your premium users. The rest should be satisfied with seeing and commenting on what artists share in their profiles.

The reason for this difference with the other social networks is easy to explain: Spotify is a song application, it focuses on the fact of sharing themes of known artists and artists who seek to be known. They are just the artists who have premium accounts, and those who must use other apps to talk to their followers.

The idea of ​​Spotify is that artists do not leave the platform to make a live broadcast To talk to your fans. Entering the Stories The problem would be solved. In addition, such interaction increases the number of users of the social network.

As we highlighted at the beginning, this is merely speculative. Only when the function is released, or Spotify makes its official announcement, will it be possible to know more fully all the details of the arrival of the Stories To the musical platform. Even knowing the filters you will have.

More news on Spotify


You may have to wait a few long months until the Stories arrive at Spotify, but for the following you won't have to wait too long. The musical application will begin to offer parental control in their plans. In this way, we will seek to keep minors from certain musical genres.

This function will be enabled in the Premium Family Plan. The account holder will be the one who has the power to block artists or songs that they don't want to reach their children's ears, for promoting bad values. For example, the always questioned reggaeton would be one of the genres to block. According to studies, it affects cognitive development in children.

In addition, the “comesFamily Mix ”, a list of songs created based on the analysis of the sub-accounts that the contracted plan has. A good way to share musical tastes with the family during a long trip.

Your accounts with a Premium Family Plan on Spotify do not be alarmed if you take time to see the parental control function enabled. According to the company, the arrival in the countries will be gradual. So don't despair.

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