Spotify removes its widget on Android and anger users

by Kelvin
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By updating its Android application, Spotify has attracted the wrath of users. The company has indeed decided to remove the widget in version 8.5 visibly very used.


Spotify users on Android will have a little surprise by updating their application. In version 8.5, Spotify has removed its little widget. And in the Android universe, we do not touch the widgets!

The Google OS regulars have often cited this mode of personalization among the major assets against iOS. Thanks to them, each smartphone has a unique and personalized interface. In addition, these widgets are full of interesting features that facilitate everyday use. This was the case of the Spotify which allowed to control the music listening in a flash.

Spotify suggests going through the notifications bar

The reasons for this choice are unknown. Spotify just explains that users can go directly through the notification bar in which appears a control panel identical to the famous widget.

You can still easily access the same playback features as well as information about what's playing through Spotify Playback Notification and the device lock screen.

spotify notification bar

This consolation prize does not seem to affect fans of the little widget. Negative comments are multiplying on social networks sometimes to take offense, sometimes to ask for explanations.

On its website the platform has a space where users can suggest ideas for improvements with a voting system. A request to restore the widget earns 5689 votes as we write these lines. For the more impatient, going back to the previous version can be a solution even if it will probably cause some stability problems.

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