Spotify wants to know your location so you don't share an account

by Kelvin

Spotify It is one of the best known and used streaming music services, so you want to Know your location so you don't share your account, in order to try to make proper use of the music service.

Like any music streaming service, Spotify has payment options, as is the case with the Spotify premium subscription, however, it also has some well-known punctual offers, such as three months for € 0.99 or family plan for 14.99 euros per month.


The family plan, as the name says, is based on the payment of 14.99 euros per month and we can add up to 6 accounts to this plan to so enjoy all the premium subscription of the service.

This plan is designed so that several members of the same house can enjoy their music So you don't have to share your account, although this plan is normally hired by groups of friends.

Thus, everyone enjoys the premium subscription, but each with his account and paying less money than if he were an individual, whose amount amounts to 9.99 euros per month.

It is true that, although this case is less, there are groups of people who create an account and divide the schedules to listen to each playlist or to directly listen offline music, paying half as much from service.

Now Spotify, wants to know our location to try detect such practices, which violate their use policies in order to take measures for these users.

There are several ways to share the Spotify account, such as listening to an offline playlist or turn off GPS, since the practices discussed above are outside the Spotify usage policies.

We do not know when it will take the step Spotify And it will try to give you access to our location to share the account, but what is clear is that it will try to do it as soon as possible to try to perform the process correctly and thus try to encourage users to not perform these practices.

Users, according to Google’s policies, must be aware that they are sharing their location with Spotify, although this fact is difficult to pursue since there are not a few members of the same family who do not live in the same location.

How about Spotify want to know your location? Did you know the realization of these practices?

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