Square Enix surprises with a video using Ray Tracing

by Kelvin

One of Nvidia's biggest concerns is how developers will be involved in the use of their technology, Ray Tracing. Having launched a handful of games with this technology, Nvidia does not miss the opportunity to remember new games that will make use of the capabilities of its RTX graphics with this technology, for now, exclusive. And now he has received a new accolade thanks to Square Enix, which has surprised everyone by offering a technical demonstration of his studies Luminous Productions, in a video that makes use of Ray Tracing in the Luminous Engine.

Luminous Productions is a study affiliated with Square Enix that wanted to publicize the evolution of its work in the Luminous Engine that now supports Ray Tracing. This video, titled ‘Back stage', It would executed on an RTX 2080 Ti, offering a really spectacular result.


Back Stage is a technical demonstration of our work to answer the question: "How can you use Ray Tracing in a state-of-the-art game?"

GeForce RTX graphics cards have a power beyond our imagination, and with NVIDIA technology, real-time Path Tracing has become a reality. Together with the Luminous Engine engine and RTX technology, we have taken another step to develop a beautiful and realistic game.

They are words of the head of the study Luminous Productions, a study dedicated to the development of gaming technology from Square Enix. In fact, the crux of this technical demonstration is that it would be an evolution of the graphic engine Luminous engine used by Square Enix for games like Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III. This engine approached the tools provided by Nvidia, as is the case withl VXAO, HairWorks, ShadowLibs, waves Turf Effects. In addition, Final Fantasy was a game that made use of the DLSS to improve its performance.

In fact, it is now known that Square Enix chose to rule out the inclusion of Ray Tracing in Final Fantasy XV, although the first steps were taken to test the tools provided by Nvidia for this work. Although we should regret that they did not get a little more involved and support the Ray Tracing in Final Fantasy XV, We see that Square Enix has not abandoned this option and has allowed other projects to be involved in the use of this technology.

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