Star+: Disney Announces Independent Streaming for Adult Audiences

by Kelvin
Star+: Disney Announces Independent Streaming for Adult Audiences

During Disney’s Investor Day 2020 event held on Thursday (10), the company officially announced its new streaming service, Star, aimed at offering adult content to its users.

The new streaming brand, which will offer a lineup of general entertainment from brands such as ABC, FX and 20th Century Studios, will have different launch strategies depending on the region in which it will be launched.

In places like Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some other markets, the Star will be part of the Disney+ app itself from February 23rd. In these regions, Disney+ will have a price adjustment to compensate for the inclusion of new content. In Europe, for example, the service will cost €9, around R$55.

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How to watch the Star in Brazil?

In Brazil and Latin America, Star will be an independent streaming service under the Star+ brand. Scheduled for launch in June 2021, the service will offer movies and TV programming, with channels such as ESPN broadcasting sporting events: the English championship and tennis matches, among others. The cost of the service has not yet been released.

Star will not be available in the United States, where Disney already operates an adult streaming service, Hulu. At first, the company studied the possibility of internationalizing Hulu, which has nearly 39 million subscribers, but chose to launch a new service, with global brand recognition.

The name β€œStar” is derived from Hotstar, an Indian subscription-based streaming service with 18 million subscribers, which Disney acquired indirectly when it bought 21st Century Fox, owner of Star India.

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