Steam Controller: Criticizing Valve's restraint on profiles

by Kelvin
Steam Controller: Kritik an Valves Zurückhaltung bei Profilen

On Reddit, a post with criticism of the Steam Controller has attracted attention, which calls for more commitment from Valve. The company should have offered ready-made profiles for popular games, the user writes in order to "one of the best innovations in gaming"To make a breakthrough.

Valves Steam Controller makes it possible to replace mouse and keyboard in games with roughly similar precision, even if Xbox and PlayStation controllers are not supported. Thanks to trackpads, buttons and gyrosensor, the entire (!) Game library can be played comfortably from the couch. However, the controller can and must be individually configured for each game, with extensive options available.


Criticism of Valve

This is where the criticism of "NetSecBatman" comes in, because Valve leaves the creation of profiles exclusively for the community and developers. Despite "impressive"Technology collects the controller but dust," says the user, because Valve does not guarantee that useful configurations for new or important games were available. Instead, Xbox and PlayStation controllers are used, "just work, immediately and every time".

When it's right it's gonna take a while to get it right.


It is therefore "foolish"By Valve, the release of the controller is not accompanied by official tutorial videos on features and performance, a showcase title that highlights the benefits of the input device, and official profiles. For this purpose, Valve should have hired a co-worker who plays games and then creates a base profile for the controller, which can be further modified if necessary. Instead, the company has left all these tasks to the community and the developers. As a result, the product could not prevail despite its advantages.

Controversial theses

Under the post, a lively discussion has developed. Users point out that up to a hundred or even more configurations are available for the largest games, meaning that they can always be reasonably booked. Plug-and-play, the controller would not use, is granted. It is added in this point that the configurations with most reviews are often the first created, but not the best, which were created later and received fewer reviews.

In addition, the quality of the profiles vary greatly among other things with regard to the naming of key assignments. And this is the case with popular titles. As soon as it comes toslightly less popular titles"Go," writes "grumbel", the situation becomes disastrous, one could then be lucky to find a reasonably usable configuration.

The controller has almost never been easy to use, even with a selection of profiles different ones would have had to be tried out. Therefore, many users write that they have resorted to their old controllers again, the use is considered too complicated – at least for average users who do not consider themselves as enthusiasts. However, the assessment of profiles is not unanimously shared.

Praise for features

However, the majority of those discussing can agree on a few points: The controller tends to cover a niche and works well with the right configuration that takes into account its special features, the tenor says. However, using them requires time and the will to deal with them – the Steam controller has a large learning curve.

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