Steps to download the Netflix series on mobile


Did you know you can download your favorite series from Netflix if you want to watch it and don't have internet access? We tell you how.

So, you can download the Netflix series on your mobile

Netflix, like other transmission services that work with the Internet. Therefore, if we are in a place with no signal, it is impossible for us to enjoy our favorite series.

But do not despair, this application has a download function that allows us to store content on our mobile devices.


This is an ideal feature for when we travel and do not want to use limited Internet services or, for example, on airplanes when we have many hours of flight ahead and we do not want to stop watching our favorite series or documentaries.

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In order to download content that we want to see on an Android device, we just have to follow these simple steps and, therefore, we don't have to wait to enjoy it:

Step by Step

First, we must open the application on the device where we want to download the material, it does not matter if it is a series, movie or documentary, the important thing is to open the file that we want to download.

Steps to download a Netflix series on the phone.Steps to download a Netflix series on the phone.

Then, on the right side of each chapter, an arrow will appear that points down to another horizontal line, the icon that allows us to start the download.

After clicking on the arrow, the material we have chosen will be added to the list where we can see everything we downloaded and download the progress.

Also choose most, we can enter the application settings that will allow us to choose our preferences in terms of the quality in which we want to download material, which obviously will depend on the image and sound quality of what we will see.

There is no longer any reason to enjoy everything we like. NetflixYes, don't forget to charge the battery or bring a portable charger.

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