Steps to share WhatsApp states as stories of Facebook!

by Kelvin
Steps to share WhatsApp states as stories of Facebook!

WhatsApp and activated the function to share the states in Facebook. Doing so is very simple. You can also share several at the same time.

Steps to share WhatsApp states as stories of Facebook!Steps to share the states of WhatsApp Like stories of Facebook!

It is a fact: now WhatsApp lets share the states in Facebook. This is in story format.

First was from Instagram to Facebook and now the first messaging network of Mark Zuckerberg.


How to do it?

First you have to have a state in WhatsApp published. You can create it from an image or text.

When your status is published, the Share button in the history of Facebook. This button only appears if the application detects that you have installed the official application of Facebook or Facebook Lite WhatsApp check the application version but, according to their creators, both accounts are not linked even when you share your status.

After pressing Share in the history of Facebook, it shows a preview with the different states that you have published in the instant messaging network, so you can send several at once. If you do not want to include any, you can delete it by tapping the X button. Otherwise, your account is shown at the bottom of the window Facebook, the default privacy of stories and the Share button.

Not everyone has it yet

Despite the update it may happen that this option still does not appear on your device. This is because just WhatsApp started to activate this function and it could take time to reach everyone. If you want to make sure you receive it soon, install the latest version of WhatsApp.

Anyway, it should be noted that not everyone chooses the messaging network to share states. They do it directly in Facebook or Instagram leaving the first as an exclusive app to exchange messages.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram they have more and more things in common since they all belong to Mark Zuckerberg.

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