Still change your phone / smartphone every year? And crazy!

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Still change your phone / smartphone every year? And crazy! – Needless to say, 2019 has been a very interesting year for the smartphones. After all, we have seen Notch fashion die, we have seen the first smartphones collapsible, and we also saw the launch of the first terminals supporting next-generation 5G networks.

In short, we now have mobile phones on the market with screens that are in the background a fingerprint sensor, which occupy almost the entire front of the device. Not to mention the bright design finishes, with colors that look more like magic.

Therefore, it is easy to say that there is a great temptation in the hearts of consumers to change phones immediately!

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So it is normal for all of us who love technology to want a new smartphone in our hands. If only to have that new feeling or to smell that 'new car smell'.

However, all the new features we will find in the new handset will continue there next year. In fact, it is very likely that they already exist on our current smartphone.

Still change your phone / smartphone every year? And crazy! 1

While buying a new smartphone is still a great feeling, which can sometimes make sense… If our phone still works perfectly well, are we making a good decision?

I find this to be a rather odd opinion, especially from a person who spends his life testing new mobile phones. But the reality is that you don't need to change phones every year.

Obviously there are several consumers who walk with the same mobile phone 4 or 5 years. My own brother walked with an iPhone 4S until recently! And it only changed due to his death by drowning in the toilet after my baby nephew threw him into the 'mini pool'.

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It was, deep down, something that I didn't realize, and which I would personally be unable to do! Because in my soul I am a super tech enthusiast who always wants to have the best in my pocket or in the palm of my hand. But the truth is, you never got me unresponsive on social networks, or you missed a phone call because I had an old smartphone.

Of course this is an extreme example, but what I really mean is that if you happen to have a Galaxy S9 one Note 9, a OnePlus 6T or a Mate 20 Pro… No need to change phones in 2019!

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Obviously, I'm not saying that 2019 didn't bring much good. For me the launch of Galaxy S10 in February was a great breath of fresh air. And right now, we even have the P30 Pro, Note 10+ and even the very interesting OnePlus 7 Pro that led the price war to smartphones most premium on the market.

But the stagnation of the market speaks for itself! So, just as I did an article saying that It's still worth buying a high-end smartphone from the previous year. I also say that it doesn't make much sense to change phones every year.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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