Still with production problems, notebook manufacturers delay their releases

by Kelvin
Intel says that in the real world its CPUs are better than AMD Ryzen, which only win at Cinebench

If it looked like Intel little by little he had improved the production of his silicons based on the lithography of 14nm, now it has been revealed that everything has been a mirage, since the company still ballasting processor production issues despite investing $ 1 billion in expanding wafer production capacity to supply the market with its processors.

According to industry sources, the company has found itself again with a shortage of CPUs at 14nm, which has generated that have not been able to fulfill the agreements with their partners.


Intel Core 740x518 0 processor

The most affected have been portable equipment manufacturers, to the point that several of the most important companies in the sector have had to delay the launch of their new generation equipment until next year, waiting for sometime in 2020 Intel is able to meet the market demand.

One of the most affected releases is not the current 9th Generation Intel Core processors, known as Coffee Lake Refresh, but future processors Intel Comet Lake 10th Generation, which will continue to use the 14nm manufacturing process in the form of a review known as "14nm ++"which will arrive in early 2020. Specifically, they will be officially announced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas in early January.

These new problems could be due that Intel is already reserving wafers for Comet Lake, so the company would be trying to minimize the problems facing the launch of a new generation of CPUs that continues to recycle the architecture Skylake @ 14nm. Despite this, it will be time to change motherboards before the socket arrives LGA1200.

via: Digitimes