StopCovid: CNIL gives the green light, imminent deployment

by Kelvin
Here are the first screenshots of the StopCovid application

The StopCovid app may well be available in the coming days. While the CNIL has just given the green light, the project will be submitted to the vote of parliamentarians this week. If they approve the tracking application will be deployed this weekend, said Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O.

StopCovid: CNIL gives the green light, imminent deployment 2

StopCovid on an iPhone 11 Pro // Source: Frandroid Stopcovid


After weeks of reflection and development, the StopCovid application should finally land on our smartphones. The government has also released some screenshots of the app. said the Secretary of State for Digital this Tuesday, May 26, at Le Figaro. The promise of a deployment before June 2 would therefore be kept.

The CNIL gives its opinion on StopCovid

Before the parliamentarians ‘vote, the project had to go before the CNIL, which is responsible for ensuring that users’ privacy is respected. Its president promised a few weeks ago that she would parse the tracing application from A to Z. This Tuesday, May 26, the CNIL has just given the green light for the deployment of the application, under certain conditions.

First, StopCovid will use common tools with health brigades. Thus, the code that patients will receive to indicate that they are or have been carriers of the virus will be issued by SI-DEP, the platform bringing together all laboratory results.

It is also the first time that the CNIL has asked for a device to be open source. Also remember that the CNIL had already responded favorably to the very principle of the application last month, while calling for vigilance regarding respect for privacy.

Finally, the government ensures that the first security tests prove conclusive with errors. However, to go further, one will be organized. says Raphaël Grably, department head at BFM Tech.

Only 47% of French people support StopCovid

According to Cédric O., the bill is likely to be voted on by parliamentarians this week. The digital secretary of state says he does not believe in a division of the majority. But if parliamentarians should agree in the coming days, a recent survey carried out for the Jean Jaurès Foundation indicates that Only 47% of French people are in favor of the StopCovid application. reassures Cédric O.

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