Strangest NFTs Ever Sold

by Kelvin
Самые странные NFT из когда-либо проданных

Fidenza # 313

NFT Fidenza 313

We can criticize this image without any fear, because its author is not going to beat us. Have you ever wondered that Kandinsky would paint if he could smoke Pantonera? Fidenza # 313 is the answer.

The image is cool, yes, but not so original that I would pay 1,000 ETH for this. A person would probably spend ink to sell such a painting in any art gallery, but this work was not done by a creature of flesh and blood, but by a person of flesh. Artificial Intelligence … The title of the work is also not very creative (name AI + work number). Regardless, the CryptoPunk avatar user paid roughly $ 3.3 million for this job last August.


Hairy Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki not only a pastry chef, he also sells NFT … In particular, this 35-second video was filmed with Antoni Tudisko. In it we can see a kind of error with the whole face of James P. Sullivan moving next to electronic base created by Aoki. This one, in particular, was selling cheap: $ 800,000.

Awesome Fire Festival Sandwich

sandwich festival nft

In 2017, a group of very crazy scammers convinced a lot of people what they were going to do. best music festival in the Bahamas … Like Coachella, but luxurious without harshness. In Spain, we received very little information about this event, which was one of the largest ottomans of the decade. Not only was it a scam, it didn’t end in miracle tragedy. As if that weren’t enough, the organizers didn’t pay those who filmed making so they sold Netflix tapes, which created documentary with material that tells the story of how it happened, without the actors.

But before there was a Netflix documentary, “Luxury” festival goes viral due to tweet photos a sandwich what the poor innocent man bought during the festival, which, by the way, hadn’t even started. A sandwich photo tweet is sold in NFT form for $ 80,000

Metaflower yacht

yacht metaflower 3d nft

Owning a yacht is expensive, we all know that. You must sell a lot of NFTs to be able to afford one. … And let’s not even talk about the crew. These people need to eat and even get paid, so chances are that you will leave another rush there.

Metaflower is not just a yacht. This is a super-mega yacht (according to the seller), which managed to approve her for 149 ETH , equivalent Dollars 650,000 … Before you tell me it’s cheap, know that the yacht doesn’t exist. This is a 3D layout that exists only in metaverse … And this is also not very realistic, since it is made with graphics that are a bit reminiscent of Minecraft.

In his head he was there and Hamilton won

nft gp monaco 2020 covid canceled

This NFT costs almost as much as saving a ticket to the Fyre Festival. February 12, 2020 , the user bought this NFT with this image almost as boring as any Monaco Grand Prix. And no, the grace is not that the image is shitty 3D, but that that a Formula 1 race was never held due to the coronavirus. Luckily for MetaKovan (the owner of this NFT), Ether was cheap at the time and cost him just over $ 110,000 a joke.

Flying War Babies

NFT Flying War Babies

While Elon Musk devotes its existence to selling us cars that do not pollute the environment, Grimes , his ex-wife seems to prefer selling smoke. And the truth is, he’s not bad at all, as he did $ 5.8 million selling NFTs of these warrior babies that make impressive bad vibes.