Strava: Now you can tell how you felt in training

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Strava: Agora já pode dizer como se sentiu no treino

Strava is one of the most popular applications for those who like to record their physical activity. This app is made for athletes and athletes and has support for activities such as running, cycling and even logging swimming exercises.

With the new version, users will be able to feel how they felt in training!

Strava: Now you can tell how you felt in training

Millions of athletes, cyclists and active people use Strava to record their physical activity. Plus, this platform lets you compare performance over time, connect with your community, and share photos, stories, and highlights of your adventures with friends.

The user has both a free version and a paid version available that includes many new features and a more detailed analysis of their results.


How to record your Strava Activity effort?

With the new version athletes can now indicate how they felt during the activity. With this information the app provides some interesting tips.

This new feature allows athletes to manually enter the intensity of activities such as athletics, cycling or swimming, for example using a scale from 1 to 10.

This new metric serves as a kind of replacement for heart rate meters to track effort over time. If an athlete trains with or without a heart rate monitor or device, he can now indicate his effort and track his score over time.

Strava: Now you can tell how you felt in training 1 Strava: Now you can tell how you felt in training 2

In addition to this new feature, the new version also allows users hide information about heart rate during training.

Strava is the world's largest sports participation platform, with over 46 million athletes and 1 million new users every 30 days.

Interesting Strava Numbers

    20 activities uploaded every second, 15 million each week Over 300 smartphones and compatible GPS devices Over 2 billion activities loaded 200 employees, mostly in San Francisco and Denver, Hanover and Bristol Over 1100 professional athletes are on Strava 1 million new Strava athletes every 30 days More than 46 million Strava athletes carry activities in 195 countries 3.6 billion kudos (2018 figures) Over 4 million Strava photos shared per week 85 million comments and kudos given by Strava athletes per week

Strava is available for Android and iOS – learn more on here. If you know other features / tips, share it with us.

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