Street Fighter V is free for a limited time; learn how to download the fighting game

by Kelvin
Street Fighter V está gratuito por tempo limitado; saiba como baixar o game de luta 4

A trial version of the Street Fighter V game will be available for free during August; know how to download

Good news for fans of a good fighting game: Street Fighter V, famous franchise game of Capcom, will be free this month. Who to date has not had the opportunity to test the well-rated game, the developer has prepared a special edition of tasting, which goes on the day 1st to 11th August.


Available from 2016 to Playstation 4 and PRAÇA, Street Fighter V has periodic and bundled updates called seasons. In each of them, new characters are added to the game's collection. Additional content is, as expected, charged out.

The content for tests

With two seasons now available, the test version will bring a taste of what will come in season three. All 16 “base” version fighters (without the purchase of any additional content) from Street Fighter V will be available for free in addition to the six new characters in the next pack – Blanka, Cody, Falke, G, Sagat and Sakura. The other fighters of the first and second seasons will not be available.

If the player wants to purchase the game after the trial period, the edition will be available. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which will feature all fighters from the base game and the first two seasons. Season 3 characters, however, should be purchased in a separate package. For those who do not want to spend more money on the game, it is possible to purchase extra characters from virtual coins, given in small amounts when playing the title.

If you are in the mood to play the game, check out the tutorial we have prepared on each platform:

How to download Street Fighter V free for PlayStation 4

The process of downloading the free version of Street Fighter V on the PlayStation 4 can be done by the computer or by the console itself. From your computer, go to the PlayStation Store page and sign in (top right, under “sign in”). Then just search for the name of the game in the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, and the results should appear the free option.

This is the game page, captured before the free offer expires.

Once purchased, the game will not be downloaded automatically. To do so, go to the page “Download List” (The option will appear when you click your photo in the top right corner of the page). Now just find the game and click “Download on your PS4”.

It's easy to select games to download on PS4 from a computer.It's easy to select games to download on PS4 from a computer.

Already to download through the Playstation 4, simply access the store through the console's main menu (the first icon from left to right). Once accessed the store, just search by the name of the game at the top of the page, and the result displayed should be the same as the one searched by the computer.

Street Fighter V is free for a limited time; learn how to download fighting game 5On the console, the store is the far left icon.
After searching, the trial version ad should appear on the right.After searching, the trial version ad should appear on the right.
Street Fighter V is free for a limited time; learn how to download fighting game 6Note the space required for download in the lower right corner.

How to download Street Fighter V free for PC

To get the desktop game, you'll need to go to the Steam page. If you do not already have an account, you can create one for free by clicking on "Login" and then "register". Just like on the store page Playstation, just search for Street Fighter V in the right corner searcher the offer should already appear. For convenience, go to the game's deep link.

The game page on Steam.The Steam Game Page

EVO 2019

The testing period coincides (partially) with the EVO 2019, the biggest fighting electronic games event in the world, which takes place from August 1st to 4th this year. In addition to the release of the third season of Street Fighter V, news is expected to be announced for the future of the game, as the creator and producer of the franchise, Yoshinori Onohas publicly stated that a Street Fighter VI It is not currently under development.

Update: despite the announcement on Twitter franchise official Street Fighter V is not available for free on the PlayStation store. We will update the post as soon as the offer appears in the PS Store.

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