Stretch is Boston Dynamics’ new logistics-oriented robot

by Kelvin
Stretch é o novo robô da boston dynamics voltado para logística

New robot from Boston Dynamics, Stretch has a mobile base and does not need infrastructure to work in product and goods transport environments

The new robot from Boston Dynamics was revealed, the Stretch, focused on cargo handling. THE Boston Dynamics is known for her robot dog spot, but in recent years the company has been expanding its scope of action, mainly in the area of ​​logistics, and the Stretch is the newest product for this area.

Stretch, the new robot from Boston Dynamics

O Stretch already has changes in the visual patterns of robots from Boston Dynamics right away, with it not being inspired by humans or animals, and with the focus on being as practical and functional as possible. It has a square base with wheels, a “perception pole” that has sensors and cameras, and the mechanical arm, the most important part, which has a suction panel at the end to be able to grip boxes weighing up to 23 kg.


The main difference from Stretch for other logistics process automation products it is your freedom of movement. Normally, an entire workflow is planned so that the machines capable of picking up the boxes can work, but with the robot from Boston Dynamics, it can move wherever it is needed without risk of affecting processes or needing a specific implementation.

O Stretch can run either on battery, lasting 8 hours, or plugged in. Boston Dynamics’ focus is that with the possibilities of Stretch more companies are attracted to the robot, as its final cost will possibly be lower than a common automation process, avoided by 80% of warehouses worldwide. However, the Boston Dynamics robot has a huge limitation: the fact that it picks up boxes using a suction device means that it can only pick up boxes with straight surfaces. Depending on the type of plant this can be a problem.

O Stretch it also has space for accessories such as a conveyor belt that can help you load items into vehicles faster, and a pallet truck that can help you load items other than straight surface crates. For now, the robot of Boston Dynamics it has a date of arrival on the market in 2022, but without any information on the price. See the Stretch presentation below:

For more information about Boston Dynamics robots, like the fact that some of them dance more skillfully than humans, keep an eye out for the showmetech.

Source: The Verge, ArsTechnica

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