Suffering from the notebook heating up? Check out 6 cooler options

by Kelvin
Suffering from the notebook heating up?  Check out 6 cooler options

Notebook users usually opt for convenience when choosing a model, whether for playing, working or for everyday use. And, for this reason, each option has a very different configuration, which aims to meet the needs of the target audience. However, in this equation, an important component may end up being left in the background: the cooler.

Responsible for ensuring that computer and notebook processors work at the ideal temperature, this component can be decisive in their useful life. And, for those who choose notebooks, they are essential, since there is no room for the most efficient models on the market.

For this reason, having a portable cooler, or an exhaust for a notebook, can be a good investment, which can prolong the time before having to change devices. If you’re thinking about buying a notebook cooler stand, check out the list below, with some of the best options available today.


Cooler gamer, AC268, Multilaser

Compatible with notebooks from 9 to 17 inches, the Cooler AC268 from Multilaser has a speed of 2000-3500 RPM and 75 CFM wind flow. Compact, it has mouthpieces that fit notebooks.

A very interesting model for being small, the Warrior AC268 can cool the notebook up to 9 degrees during the most intense uses. Ideal for those who don’t want a cooler with support, or don’t want to spend more than R$100 on more sophisticated models, it serves the most common users, whether for work or for everyday use.

Laptop stand with 17.3” cooler, C3 TECH

The base gamer for notebook C3 TECH has height adjustment, which allows up to 5 positions. Cooled, it maintains the notebook’s ideal temperature, providing comfort and good performance.

If you want a good cooler for your gaming notebook, the NBC-500BK is a good choice. It is compatible with notebooks up to 17.3 inches, has height adjustment of up to 5 positions and has a digital display for up to 6 fan speed options, in addition to 7 RGB lighting modes.

Laptop gamer cooler 17.3”, Trust

Trust’s Cooler Gamer has four adjustable fans, which can be turned off, used to cool and maintain the notebook’s optimal performance. At 17.3 inches, it allows up to three positions.

Another option for notebooks up to 17.3 inches, this gaming notebook base cools the processor to improve performance during the most intense uses. With three height-adjustable positions and 4 illuminated fans, it can guarantee optimal airflow during times of heaviest use.

Multilaser notebook cooler, AC282

Multilaser notebook cooler has high power with 1550 RPM. There are 6 fans that provide greater airflow in a base compatible with notebooks up to 17 inches.

With 6 fans, capable of reaching a speed of 2500 RPM, this gamer cooler is an option for those who want to ensure that their notebook doesn’t reach extreme temperatures, whether during gaming or while rendering videos and animations. Adjustable to 5 different heights, it is also a very comfortable model.

Exhaust cooler for notebook, USB, DEX

Removes hot air and allows for wind speed change. The DEX Cooler, connected via USB, generates cooling with an airflow of 23.5 CFM and a cooler speed of 1500-3000 + 10% RPM.

If you’re just looking for a smaller option, other than a base for a gaming notebook with a cooler, this model from Dex might be ideal. In addition to the low cost, it is compatible with different models of notebooks, ultrabooks and macbooks, thanks to the 3 silicone adapters that come with the product and guarantee the best fit.

Laptop stand with 15.6” cooler, C3 TECH

Compatible with notebooks from 10 to 15.6 inches, the cooler base of the C3 TECH has 2 micro fans of 12cm for cooling and allows tilting during use, which creates more comfort.

A very efficient and inexpensive option is C3Tech’s NBC-50 notebook hood. With low noise and compatible with notebooks up to 15.6 inches, it has two 125 mm fans and can be adjusted in 5 different height positions, ensuring greater comfort during use. It is worth noting that this is a cost-effective model and may not be the best option for those looking for gamer support.