Supernatural: See Dean Winchester’s changes throughout the series (PHOTOS)

by Kelvin
Supernatural: See Dean Winchester's changes throughout the series (PHOTOS)

The series Supernatural is coming to an end after its 15 seasons. During all this time, it is possible to notice that the characters have changed a lot, both physically and psychologically. Something beautiful to behold, isn’t it?

And one of the most beloved characters of the series’ fans, without a doubt, is Dean Winchester — the eldest of the two Winchester brothers, played by Jensen Ackles. In some more recent interviews, the actor has already stated that it’s been a pretty painful process to say goodbye to a character after 15 years.


There are many viewers who claim that Dean is the soul of Supernatural and that without him the series would be meaningless. But it’s worth remembering that in the beginning he was just a naughty older brother, maybe even more immature than his younger brother Sam (played by Jared Padalecki).

The harmony between the actors on stage helped in the development of the episodes, which are “what they are today” due to all these stylistic constructions coming from the cast. So, in this list, we’ll look at all the physical and psychological changes that have taken place with Dean Winchester over the 15 seasons of Supernatural. Check it out below.

Dean Winchester in the first three seasons of the series

Dean was introduced as a sarcastic and amusing older brother to young Sam. In a way, Dean was quite simple compared to Sam, not having many ambitions or clear motivations.

During Season 2, we see that he was already starting to feel, and become, even more responsible for Sam, after all their past with the family. From the events presented in these episodes, we can see a little more of Dean’s emotionality.

As of season 3, Dean still tries to appear much stronger than he really is so that his brother doesn’t notice anything he’s hiding. And as gigantic as the challenges seen this season have been, Dean tried not to shake.

Dean and his signs of maturation

Back in Hell during seasons 4 and 5, we can see a Dean Winchester still trying not to let his vulnerability be exposed. And to save your little brother, there is no challenge that can stop him. Audiences can see him increasingly determined, and he ends up meeting the angel Castiel (played by Misha Collins).

In seasons 6 and 7, after some events that could even confuse the audience, we can see Dean trying to control himself even in adversity.

It’s worth remembering that during Season 7 the brothers suffer a big loss, showing Dean relatively more mature than seen before.

Dean Winchester’s Journey

In later seasons, Dean returns to the infamous purgatory, and that’s where we see a lot of his personal growth. During the episodes, the Winchester brothers also face some of the turmoil in their relationship.

Even with the problems, they both know they can count on each other. And some facts that happen during these seasons show how Dean’s emotional growth is good, in general, for everyone involved.

Facing several very powerful antagonists, the union between Dean and Sam strengthens so that enemies are brought down. And, in season 10, considered one of the darkest of the series, we have Dean as the central focus almost every moment. There’s a lot of violence surrounding these episodes, but also a lot of fun coming directly from the character.

the outcome

Moving towards the end of the series, we can see a much more determined Dean than the usual one of the first seasons. More and more, there is the confrontation of various evil beings that seem to threaten everyone’s structures. In seasons 12 and 13, we see several challenges that are almost impossible to solve.

In season 14, the audience got to see a much more serious, darker and even moving Dean. In this last season, as doomsday approaches, the brothers prepare to fight the biggest war of their lives. And she will be against God.

As much as Dean has returned to being a little more than he was before, with his funny and confident way, we can see his evolution throughout the series, and the changes were very positive in general.

What did you think of Dean’s evolution in Supernatural? We already miss you!

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