Support 'Can Do MS' by buying Super Rad Raygun this month


Super Ray Charityrun

TRU FUN Entertainment is working with Can Do MS to raise money for charity. Throughout September, all sales Super rad raygun on you will see results towards Can Do MS. Founded in 1984, the foundation funds research to cure multiple sclerosis, the disease. Super rad raygun Co-creator Chris Bryant suffered. Therefore, this cause is very close to your heart.


Inspiration for the battery system. Raygun inspired by his fight with the disease. While tapping the idea to follow its XBLIG title Rad RaygunBoth Bryant and Chris Hernandez (another part of TRU FUN Entertainment) see the sights of Seattle during their visit to PAX Prime 2013. Bryant's MS will constantly weigh on his body every 10-15 minutes, requiring him to sit down and rest for regain your strength.

During one of these breaks, the team brainstormed how they could incorporate MS difficulties into the game mechanics. Bryant thought of the battery system in Super rad raygun, which allows the main character to combine many powerful abilities at once. The more things are activated, the more energy you will burn, requiring you to wait if you use all of your energy. This is a great mechanic, but one that gets very moving for real life inspiration.

I was completely lost to myself when I initially played, but my discussion with Bryant the following year at a convention gave me a greater appreciation for the work done. Super rad raygun not perfect, but very good and worthy of fans of 90s platform games. I will urge everyone to take it this month, especially since the results will be very helpful. However, if you already have the game, a separate page is available to allow you to donate directly to charities.

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