Surface Laptop Go Gets Battery Boost On Use Windows 11

by Kelvin
Surface Laptop Go Gets Battery Boost On Use Windows 11

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go has just received a firmware update that will improve the stability and battery life of the device. This also includes the ability to take advantage of the advantages offered by the features Windows 11 which will increase battery life.

Here are some of the latest changes in Surface Laptop Go for devices running Windows 10 versions of May 2020 or later:

  • Improves device stability by addressing bugcheck issues.
  • Improve graphics stability and enable features Windows 11 which will increase battery life.

In its support page, Microsoft also explains the details of the components that have been updated, including:

  • Intel Corporation Display version
  • Intel Corporation Ext version
  • Surface System Management version

The list of changes unfortunately doesn’t explain specifically how the Surface Laptop Go will get better battery life after the update. The support page only mentions a feature that is in the Windows 11 that are activated, but do not include a list of the features that are enabled.

In addition, they also did not reveal in detail how much the increase in battery life was, so that users were made even more curious.

This update will be available via page Windows Update, which can be accessed via the Update & Security page in the Settings app. Perhaps, you should also choose to review optional updates, if they don’t appear after you check for updates. Or you can also visit the Microsoft update catalog and look for the SurfaceLaptopGo_Win10_18363_21.112.16896.0.msi file for manual download and installation.

Back in September, a Microsoft Mechanics video explained why some devices running Windows 11 will run better, compared to when using Windows 10. Several features were later added to improve performance, including the priority feature of applications that are currently open and used by users on the operating system.

It’s possible that one of the features referred to in the video is related to a recent upgrade that was added to the Surface Laptop Go to improve battery life.