Swallow, Nolan's New Movie, Coming Soon With Directions

by Kelvin
Swallow, Nolan's New Movie, Coming Soon With Directions 1

Tenet, the new one from Nolan

Few films are expected to be more exciting this year than the Nolan project. The director, responsible for other great films and blockbusters such as Memento, Inception, The Dark Knight (for some great Batman movies) or Interstellar, is back on stage with a movie that has fans (and not so fans) hoping through the roof.

It's nothing less. The track Christopher makes us think that we are going to enjoy another great, original, entertaining movie and that we will talk about yes or no for weeks, as usual when a new movie is released under his signature.


Tenet must meet this expectation. that synopsis told us about international espionage, travel in time and evolution, with a secret agent who will have a mission to prevent World War III. Some people speculate on the possibility that this is a "sequel" of Inceptio (Oriegn in Spain) in the sense that they are in the same universe or that time travel is the evolution of the technique used to enter other people's dreams.

It's not the only thing that makes this movie special. In fact, the most special part of the film is not in the plot but in something very unique that we just learned about its production: it will be included with the book.

Tenet's Handbook

When one of the movie's protagonists, Robert Pattinson, He admitted in an interview that he was not very clear about his own movie, as if he wasn't exaggerating.

Everything seems to indicate that Tenet will be as complex or superior to Inception or Interstellar. And we're not just saying it because of Pattinson's words or because of the person responsible for it. Do we know that this movie is coming soon? books "Tenet Secrets", to find out the director's vision and to have more information on the plot to help us rebuild the "puzzle":

From Christopher Nolan, there is a spy thriller film that will blow your mind, so original that many people will rebuild the puzzle for years. 'The Secrets of Tenet' will take your readers on an exclusive journey through Nolan's masterpiece, which provides an overview of all aspects of his creation. It will feature comments from Nolan himself and a host of major contributors such as producer Emma Thomas and production designer Nathan Crowley. ‘Los Secretos de Tenet’ gives us an important master class that shows us the process of directing and its unique creative vision. Illustrated with behind-the-scenes footage and concept art, this is a major exploration of the film that promises to bring your imagination into the future… and maybe the past.

We have to wait to see what the book is about to know exactly what is being offered to us, but without a doubt this only drives the movie hype. Are you looking forward to seeing it too?

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