Swatch prepares batteries with greater autonomy for 2016


Swatch confirmed that they would launch a new type of battery with greater autonomy

CEO of Swatch, a famous watchmaker, confirm that they are working on the launch of a new type of battery to give smart watches greater autonomy and will be available in 2016.


Swatch wants to increase battery life in smart watches

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek also revealed to the Swiss media that the new battery can also be used in vehicles. According to his statement in an interview in Handelszeitung, "whoever receives a battery that does not need to be charged for six months has a significant competitive advantage."

The Swatch development team is working intensively with the Belenos research group and battery manufacturer Renata. It is expected that next year they can reach the market. revolutionary battery that is not only geared towards smart watches, but also cars. Interest in various smart watch manufacturers has increased after their success. Apple Watchy despite the hours Apple It has a battery with a fairly limited life, which does not prevent customers from completely relying on complementary devices that help to better control the iPhone.

After an interview published by the Swiss media, the Swatch spokesperson confirmed everything the CEO said. The company has officially confirmed that they are working on the future of batteries with greater autonomy.. It is important to pay attention to the advances in this field because, ultimately, battery life is an issue that also affects today's major cell phones, resulting in increased screen size and performance, less time. Of battery.

Swatch prepares batteries with greater autonomy for 2016 3

Samples compete directly Apple in the smart watch market

March 2015 Swatch revealed its smart watch, betting directly against Apple Watch of the Cupertino company. The Swatch Plan includes a low-cost, programmable chip system that will allow payments to be made simply by turning the wrist.

Swatch is the world's leading watchmaker, and with its arrival in the smartwatch sector there may be fierce competition in the coming months, but the device has so far failed to attract attention. Maybe If they manage to launch batteries with greater autonomy, they become segment leaders that increasingly attract more users. worldwide