Swipe for Facebook: Your Profile with Absolute Privacy and Integrated Chat

by Kelvin
Swipe for Facebook: Your Profile with Absolute Privacy and Integrated Chat

“Swipe for Facebook”Is an excellent alternative that you can use, without switching to other instant messaging applications (that we mentioned before).

“Swipe for Facebook”Is a third party tool that promises, safeguard your privacy mainly. It is well known to everyone, that the FB mobile application usually tracks all our information. In all of it is, the place where we are based on the "Location" to suggest us, sites of our interest. Custom advertisements may also appear depending on our activity within the social network. If all these types of elements are annoying for you, we recommend using the tool in question.


Swipe for Facebook: Everything we can do with this Android application

As always, we recommend downloading e install to the mobile application from the store Google Play Store; That is the only way to avoid malicious code that could infiltrate our mobile device.

The box that we have placed at the top will take you to the store and specifically, to the place where “Swipe for Facebook" There you could see a small message where you will be told, the compatibility of the tool with your Android smartphone model. As for the reasons for using it, we could briefly mention the following:

  • The tool integrates the news, publications and even the Messenger chat in one place.
  • The tool blocks any type of ad that could appear on your profile.
  • The tool weighs less than 5 MB and is therefore ideal for mobile phones with little internal storage.
  • You can customize what you want to see or hide by moving a certain number of selectors within the settings.
  • You also have the possibility to switch between the "day or night" mode.
  • You can see notifications of messages received even when the application is closed.

There are many more features you could use from “Swipe for Facebook", same that you can find out within the description of the tool with the link that we have shared previously. From our point of view, one of the best features is in blocking ads.

There are times when, the social network usually places these ads in the middle of the posts of our friends We can accidentally touch that publicity thinking that it is a publication of those contacts. Since that advertising is blocked, we simply will not see it and therefore we will not touch them accidentally. On the other hand, the shawl integrated within the same mine interface to be another great benefit.

We do not need to exit the application (Swipe for Facebook) to chat with our friends but rather, that we only have to touch the respective icon in the interface to find any friend with whom we want to chat.

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