“Ta tra lala”: Google Assisant knows how to recognize the songs you hum

by Kelvin
"Ta tra lala": Google Assisant knows how to recognize the songs you hum

The Mountain View firm has rolled out a very practical new feature on Google Assistant : the latter is now able to find a song that you have in mind thanks to simple whistles or hums from you. Tested and approved by the editorial staff.

"Ta tra lala": Google Assisant knows how to recognize the songs you hum 2

Having a song in mind without being able to find the name of the song or the artist is a frustrating feeling that each of us has already experienced. Note that this era is now over thanks to a new feature implemented on Google Assistant, which the Californian group presents in an official blog post.


Tested and approved

“Hum to search” – that’s the name of the function – is a new, very practical tool. Judge for yourself: all you have to do is say aloud “” and then whistle, hum the tune or sing approximately the words of a music. Google Assistant provides you with a list of matching responses. And in general, the artificial intelligence of the multinational is right on target.

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My colleague Omar, for example, displayed his humming skills by imitating Ava Max’s aria with random accuracy for about six or seven seconds: mission accomplished for Google Assistant, who recognized him rather easily. And rest assured: no need to hum in the perfect tone. The AI, for example, has identified Edith Piaf, despite my relatively limited singing skills.

Ok Google, we’re going to have a good laugh today 🎶 pic.twitter.com/uDaXgjuV0N

– Omar Belkaab (@OmarBelkaab) October 16, 2020

New models of automatic learning

To do this, the Mountain View giant has created new machine learning models capable of matching whistles or hums with a song thanks to a unique “” – to use Google’s terms – that each song has.

The functionality in twenty languages ​​on Android, including French, and only in English on iOS for the moment. Here is a beautiful tool which comes to support the essential Shazam: between them, there is no question of forgetting the smallest piece.

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