Take advantage of PlayStation 4: use it on iPhone with iOS 13

by Kelvin
Take advantage of PlayStation 4: use it on iPhone with iOS 13

Now what Apple Arcade is a reality, it is more than possible that you consider using a remote control to fully enjoy the games on the iPhone terminals of Apple. If you don't want to buy one and you have a console Playstation 4, you should know that this accessory can be synchronized with iOS 13 quite simply.

Thanks to the command of Sony uses communication technology Bluetooth, make the connection between the device we are talking about and the smartphones from Apple It is something completely possible and, in addition, not especially complicated. The version of the iOS operating system of the Cupertino company is the latest available (it is expected that in a few days the first iteration, 13.1, will be reached, which will solve several problems that have been detected in the first one that was launched to update the market terminals).


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Therefore, if you want to take the steps that we are going to show for synchronize a remote of PlayStation 4 with iOS 13, you should make sure that you fear this version of the software Apple installed. To do this, access the Upgrade of software in the section general of the Setting that exists on the iPhone. If you confirm this, you can move on.

Start with preparations on the PS4 command

Once you have completed the previous step, you must have both the remote control and the iPhone nearby, we recommend that they be on the same table. Before doing anything with the iPhone, it is necessary prepare the command so that it can be detected by the phone, since otherwise it will not be able to reach them.

PS4 control red

Press continuously PlayStation and share buttons (Compartir). The first one is located in the lower part, in the center, and has the Sony brand logo. The second, in the upper left area is where it is located, right next to the crosshead on that side of the command. Wait to the light bar blinks. You have everything ready to start with the phone.

Find the remote with your iPhone with iOS 13

What you have to do to get this is to access the section Bluetooth of the Setting of the operating system. Confirm that this connectivity is activated and, if so, check that the following list and available devices is the following: DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller. Click on it and the synchronization process will begin until this accessory passes to My devices, which means that it has already been recognized and can be used normally.

IOS 13 logo with black background

It is important to know that what is done is memorized on the iPhone so, if the remote is turned on and nothing is connected to it or on the iPhone, synchronization is done automatically. As it has been seen, it is all very simple to get to use the PlayStation 4 in the iOS 13 operating system. By the way, if you wonder about the compatibility of the games with this accessory, it must be said that the number is counted by certain and, as the arrival of Apple Arcade, the amount increases gradually.

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