TCL Communication brings the viewing experience to smartphones with the launch of TCL PLEX at IFA 2019

by Kelvin

TCL Communication today announces the launch of TCL PLEX, a smartphone that incorporates the brand's recognized viewing experience now in mobile form.

With TCL NXTVISION ™, a patented advanced camera optimization and camera technology, you will see the screen come alive with rich color, clarity and contrast enhancement in real time, as well as an elevated camera experience. TCL PLEX will embody the new philosophy of the brand ‘Display Greatness ’ to tirelessly pursue excellence in mobile innovation, taking advantage of its heritage of unique screens. It also offers the best image standards in its class with an industry-leading camera, including a super low light sensor and super wide angle lens, as well as a fluid and intuitive interface to ensure efficient interaction between the user and their smartphones at all times.

«TCL's legacy in screen technology is unmatched. We are the number 1 TV’s brand in China and the number 2 TV’s brand worldwide. With the launch of TCL PLEX, we not only want to bring our knowledge of the screen to more consumers and offer the key experiences of smartphones – screen, camera, user interface and design; but we also want to open doors to a completely new future by introducing an ecosystem of smart devices that help our consumers lead more connected lives, ”said Peter Lee, General Manager, Global Sales and Marketing at TCL Communication. «TCL PLEX is the first of a new range of devices that we will launch next year, including our 5G products and equipment with folding screens».


Enjoy a cinematic immersion with a dedicated screen engine and a real-time SDR to HDR enhancement

Equipped with a dedicated screen engine, you will now enjoy a cinematic immersion at any time. With cutting-edge color accuracy thanks to TCL NXTVISION, the colors on the TCL PLEX screen are intensified with a 6-axis color enhancement for more radiant images. The edges are perfected with the advance of 2D borders to obtain defined images. In addition, visual contrasts become more striking without exposing yourself too much with the precise contrast enhancement. With a real-time SDR to HDR conversion function, TCL PLEX offers video enhancement similar to HDR with higher contrast, amplified color, brighter reflections and darker shadows. Now, you can count on awesome entertainment and HDR quality at all times.

With so much time dedicated to smartphones, it is imperative to protect your eyes from stress and ensure the best screen clarity constantly. TCL PLEX achieves exactly that with ‘Adaptive tone’, ‘Reading mode’ and ‘Eye comfort mode’. The ‘adaptive tone’ automatically adapts the brightness of the screen and adjusts the color temperature so you get the best viewing experience in any condition. The lectura Reading mode ’offers a paper-like reading experience and allows you to select a list of frequently used applications in which this mode can be applied automatically from the beginning. The oc Eye comfort mode ’reduces visual fatigue by eliminating 66 percent of the harmful blue light emitted by the screen.

With a 6.53-inch FHD + TCL internal screen with a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio and a discrete front camera, as well as a Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ processor, you'll now enjoy more screen and an exceptional entertainment experience .

Capture like a professional, even at night, with an impressive low light photographic ability

TCL PLEX is equipped with a triple camera configuration so you can capture like a professional. With a main camera that uses a 48MP ultra-high resolution Sony sensor with 4k recording function and a separate dedicated video camera with a low light sensor – industry leader – 2MP and 2.9μm big pixel, You can make every moment extraordinary, even at night, thanks to TCL PLEX. Integrated with an innovative algorithm, TCL PLEX has the ability to integrate automatic brightness, noise elimination, super resolution, HDR and much more into a single AI model in the automatic camera mode. This results in a nighttime shooting capacity of up to three times brighter in the darkest environments. Users can also choose to level up the experience of night photography with a ‘Super Night Mode’ dedicated to producing exceptionally detailed images of greater definition, clarity and color in the dark.

A super wide angle camera of 16MP and 123 ° allows users to capture the content four times in a single shot to incorporate more details into their images in any environment. For those who prefer to take things little by little, TCL PLEX has a distinctive level slow motion function that is capable of recording HD videos of 960 fps even in night conditions. Intelligent video recording detects and tracks moving subjects, automatically enlarges and stabilizes capture to keep the subject defined at all times. In addition, they can also stay at the forefront of selfies with brighter photos in the 24MP front camera thanks to the 4-in-1 large pixel technology that combines four pixels in one during image capture.

Perfect user experience, thanks to a fluid interface under a compact and elegant design

Take efficient interaction with your smartphone to a whole new level in the fluid and intuitive TCL user interface by a fluid folder search, automatic application organization by function and image deletion with a simple slide. Personalize your smartphone even more with ‘Smart panel’That adapts to your browsing habits, so searching through the different functions will be much easier. The shortcuts to the preferred shooting modes can be selected in the camera's quick access. You also have the option to customize with ‘Smart Key ’ ’In 3 convenient ways – individual, double and long – to access several mobile applications or common functions. Battery life is often at the center of every smartphone experience. TCL PLEX is also compatible with Qualcomm's quick-charge function, allowing you to recharge half of your battery in 32 minutes so you never feel held by a cable.

Control without problems certain TCL smart TVs by your smartphone with full integration through T-Cast, so you never have to strive to find the remote control again. ‘TV remote control’ allows you to control your TV with your smartphone through the touch screen or voice commands. Content Casting allows you to stream videos, images and music to your TV. Connect up to four Bluetooth speakers to amplify your Bluetooth experience or pair with up to four Bluetooth4 headphones to share music with your friends with the Super Bluetooth multi-stream audio solution. Thus, you can always share your entertainment experience.

Let yourself be dazzled by the discreet charm of TCL PLEX in all angles with its compact, distinctive and premium design. Its slim and compact frame comes with a double-sided curved glossy glass body and 3D holographic finish so that the phone always feels premium in the hand. The triple camera perfectly aligned and the horizontal design of double tone LED flash causes a polished profile. TCL PLEX comes in two colors inspired by nature: Obsidian Black Y Opal White, created with the innovative technology of nano-laser engraving and nano-vacuum coating for a futuristic shine that is ahead of the curve.

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