TCL MOVETIME Family Watch MT40S, smart watch with video calls for seniors 1Our elders do not have to be isolated from the world of technology. For them, in all cities, workshops and computer courses for beginners and adults are organized, mobile phones adapted for them are sold and, in short, tools are offered so that our grandparents feel part of the present world. Smart watches were not going to be an exception and for them the new TCL MOVIETIME Family Watch MT40S is presented, gadget expressly intended for our elders with built-in video call.

MOVETIME Family Watch MT40S, smart watch with integrated camera

Thanks to MOVETIME Family Watch MT40S, the elderly can be in contact with their families and caregivers thanks to the integrated camera on the clock and to the 4G LTE connectivity with which you can send voice messages, images and emoticons, both in individual chats and groups. The watch delivers a large, easy-to-read font, as well as a very simple interface for our elders to use without major difficulties.


The TCL smart watch has a location application so that if the family member feels unwell or stands up, the family can find them quickly using third-party tool maps. Family members and caregivers can be tracked by configuring ‘safe zones’, receiving notifications and being able to access the complete history of the watch’s location If there is an emergency, pressing the power button on the watch for 3 seconds will send a distress message to the preset numbers for assistance.

Set remote alarms and take care of your health

In addition, the new MOVETIME Family Watch MT40S helps seniors stay fit thanks to the different health-related activities it offers. The user can record their steps, keep track of calories burned, distance traveled, and family members can also see their physical activity. In addition, it also has a sleep monitor with which you can know the duration of the same and its cycles, deep and light sleep time. Thanks to the application ‘TCL Connect‘In addition to being able to see the physical activity of our grandparents, we can configure practical alarms remotely such as taking medicines.

The new MOVETIME Family Watch MT40S can be purchased at the end of the year for 130 euros.

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