TCL Plex: mid-range smartphone with Snap 675

by Kelvin
TCL Plex: mid-range smartphone with Snap 675

This year TCL will release a new smartphone called in Europe Plex: the company has strong ambitions for 2020, which include folding phones and 5G, but the phone is the starting point.

Plex: medium range for TLC

The Plex, which will be available in white or black a 329 €, is a mid-range device whose key areas – according to the company – are included in the design of the display and of camera. The Plex is equipped with three cameras, with a 48 megapixel main sensor from Sony, a 16 MP ultra-wide cam and a 2 MP cam designed exclusively for shooting in low light conditions.


Moreover, the new TLC terminal will have a 6.53 inch FHD + LCD display, ironically nicknamed by the mother company "Dotch" because of its top-left cutout. Just like with its TVs, the company also produces the screen of its next phone, with the mode NXTVISION which, when activated, has the function of processing the image.

Under the hood we find it Snapdragon 675 by Qualcomm, 128 GB of internal memory, 6 GB of RAM and a battery from 3,820 mAh. The phone supports microSD memory up to 256 GB and presents the headphone jack. It features Bluetooth 5.0 and, as TCL stated, a "Super Bluetooth" option that allows up to four Bluetooth speakers or headphones to simultaneously connect to the device.

TCL Plex: mid-range smartphone with Snap 675 2

For TCL, Plex is just the first phase of a long-term mobile strategy. The company has already showcased the concepts of folding phone and – reportedly a report a few hours ago – 5G phones are planned. The company, known for its televisions, is determined to earn a good reputation in other categories as well.

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