TCL working on a folding smartphone-tablet

by Kelvin
TCL working on a folding smartphone-tablet

The brand TCL today it is certainly not the best known in the mobile territory, although in the past it has brought some smartphones to the market and more recently it has managed the distribution of Alcatel and BlackBerry branded terminals. However, the Chinese multinational company now seems willing to say its own again in the sector: there is talk of some devices arriving by 2020.

TCL: the return with a leaflet?

To discover them the editorial staff of the Mobielkopen website, finding some details and images related to five smartphone whose release is expected from now to the end of 2020. One of these, the most interesting, is a folding baptized Flextab with AMOLED display and designed so that it can be used both as a smartphone and as a tablet depending on the configuration. A product therefore destined to enter into direct competition with the models that, despite the great promises of the eve, Huawei and Samsung still failed to launch due to problems of a mainly technical nature.


TCL's folding smartphone-tablet: images from the patent filed in China

The image shows on the back the one that has all the air of being one triple camera with LED flash, while the front module for selfies and video calls should be integrated into that small hole that can be seen at the side of the screen. Then you see the speaker grids with the charging port on the bottom edge in the middle and presumably a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the top edge.

Below is the Road map which shows the exit windows of the five models planned, two of which with support for 5G networks: the T1 already by the end of 2019, then the T1 Pro version in the first quarter of 2020, followed by T1 5G and T1 5G Pro around the half of next year and finally from the already mentioned Flextab before 2021.

The roadmap for the new TCL smartphones

By focusing on Flextab, it will be interesting to understand how the Flextab works hinge, at the same time strong point and Achilles heel of the leaflets announced so far. To be able to act both as a smartphone and as a tablet, it must be able to offer a rotation of the screen in both directions: closing it on itself to protect it during transport and in the opposite direction so as to halve the surface of the panel giving life to a sort of telephone with a second rear display. According to the leaked image, with this last mode it could however be difficult to use the rear cameras because they are covered.