Tech house: light bulbs and smart sockets on sale

by Kelvin
Tech house: light bulbs and smart sockets on sale

Modernity of the home is fully linked to smart products, which bring practicality to household tasks and connectivity in a more practical way. You can control your appliances, schedule reminders with smart speakers, control brightness and much more.

And for those who think it’s necessary to make a big investment to make their home smarter, we have 4 suggestions for smart light bulbs and sockets that are on offer on the website. Amazon.

With smart plugs you’ll be able to leave your air conditioner programmed to turn on before you get home and control the energy consumption of appliances, for example. With smart lamps you will have several lighting options for your home, making the environment more pleasant.


Check out the models on sale:

Smart LED Lamp, RSmart

18% off

LED lamp with 9W, Cool White and Warm RGB and compatible with Alexa, for you to control the brightness of your home in a more practical way.

BRL 109.00

Smart LED Lamp, Elsys

19% off

Smart LED lamp with 10W, compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Perfect to make the environment more welcoming, with varying colors and intensity.

BRL 109.90

Smart Plug 10A, RSmart

10% off

If you want a smart home, smart plugs are a great investment. With this model you can turn your home appliances on and off through your cell phone or a smart speaker. The model is compatible with Alexa.

BRL 99.00

Smart Plug MAX, Positive Smart Home

16% off

For you to turn on and off your devices remotely, through your cell phone or by voice command. Monitor consumption and protect appliances from overload.

BRL 129.00

Did you like the suggestions? Take advantage, offers are for a limited time only!