Télécharger le dernier APK Domination 8,820,820

Télécharger le dernier APK Domination 8,820,820 1

The latest APK of DomiNations 8,820,820 (2154) is now available on your Android platform. In this game, you can become a different country and even be in space. Countries where it is in this image include England, Rome, China, Germany, France, Japan, and even Greece. Each country has a different good side to help you win the game. The concept of this game that now exists on Android remains the same compared to the past few days. However, for those who can play it via mobile, they will not be able to get involved in a great war or campaign mode because it is difficult to play on a smartphone.

Domination file information

Developer: NEXON M Inc.
Version: when: 8,820,820 (2154)
File size 85) 6 MB
Uploaded: February 13, 2020 at 08:21 GMT + 07
Needs: Android 4.0.3 and higher
MD5: 434251d7b4c6d1139444d236bd178f5a
SHA1: f61c2d22ecfa8b23a641ad817c8ba4dfa84ed7d4

Download DomiNations APK 8,820,820

Domination Review

When playing this game, you will find a menu that allows you to consult with famous historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci or the King of Sejong. There are even limited time targets based on real historical events. If this is your first time playing, don't worry. There is a tutorial on how to play it at the beginning. You will be guided by an old man who will teach you how to build and manage a city.

If you are familiar with strategic games, you can easily adapt to DomiNations. You can improve the state of the nation's civilization from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Each building is divided into categories such as Economy, Army, Defense and Miracle. Well, every time you step on the next age, you will get new features and buildings.


In the Economy building, you can find many buildings to increase your nation's resources. There are three main resources in this game: gold, food, and citizens. There are also additional resources, namely crowns. Such resources are very rare and can only be obtained by completing a mission. After obtaining the crown, you can complete any mission in the game instantly. But like everything else, it also comes with pros and cons.


  • This game has good gameplay, controls and graphics.
  • This game is difficult to play.
  • Keep improving.


  • At the same time, this game is also difficult to play. Completing the search is really hard work.

Game tips

To play this game, it is important to always improve the buildings and infantry in the blacksmith. So, focus on resources like gold and meat for this surge, from the beginning to the Iron Age. You also need to expand to find Alliance Gate. Fixing doors can help you make an alliance or just join an alliance. You will need around 30,000 to repair the door. To get gold, you must mine a gold mine, hunt rabbits and foxes, and also build roads. The more buildings that have access roads, the more gold you will get. On top of that, while getting a crown isn't easy, you should at least try to get it. Crown is the only resource in DomiNations for Android that no enemy can steal. Other than that, this can help you win the game faster.


  • Join the Alliance! If you are not in an Alliance and your Alliance Door is repaired, you may receive an invitation to join the suggested Alliance.
  • The balance is shifting for General Zhukov – think carefully about its use in temporary breaches while making it easier to tackle and destroy when placed on defense.
  • Greater video availability for various devices.

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