Telegram allows you to send "No sound" messages

by Kelvin

The latest update of Telegram It includes many curiosities and among them the possibility of send "No sound" messages, but what is that of messages without sound? Are they empty audios? No, not at all, it is a new feature and that sooner or later WhatsApp will be copied to Telegram.

Send messages "No sound" on Telegram is possible, even if you have your mobile phone in silence, in vibration, in Do not disturb, with maximum sound, etc. and that is because it is not a characteristic for us, but for the recipient of the message.


What is the use of sending "No Sound" messages on Telegram?

The most normal thing is to have the mobile phone with sound, that is, that incoming calls and messages make noise. But if by any chance the sender of the message knows that you are in a meeting, driving, playing sports, etc. and does not want to bother you because it is not urgent, you can press the option to send "No sound" messages.

That message will arrive perfectly, but it will be silent and the other person will not listen to it, nor notice it until he enters Telegram and sees everything.

For now this option Only available for text messages, not for audios, since these are sent after recording almost automatically, although we have to press the send button.

How are "No sound" messages sent on Telegram?

To send a silent message you just have to write in the text box with total normality, be it short or long text, and even icons and then press and hold the send button for one or two seconds.

Image - Telegram allows you to send messages "Without sound"

At that precise moment the option "No sound" appears. The funny thing is that, if you write quickly and often and in the last message you use the new option, the previous messages are also silenced. Now, if you separate them in time, only those where you press the "Send without sound" option will be silenced, the rest will sound normally.

If you also want to make use of this curious feature that Telegram offers us, you have to update the messaging app to the latest version, specifically to the 5.10.0.

At no time is the receiver notified of this action., it is simply a message that has no notification sound.

When it was believed that everything was already invented, it arrives Telegram and offers the possibility of send messages without sound. One more curiosity that we add to the column of innovations in the territory of instant messaging apps.

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