Telegram Beta brings video calls to Android and macOS

by Kelvin
Telegram Beta brings video calls to Android and macOS

Version 7.0.0 Beta of Telegram for Android has recently received video calling feature. In addition to support, the new version of the messenger brings adaptations for Android 11, such as support for the interface shortcut “bubbles”.

The feature was discovered by user Alessandro Paluzzi, who found the function in the common menu, in a non-Beta version of Android and without needing to access the application’s debug menu. Then, he discovered that the application’s Beta also already had the function in macOS.

The feature is enabled by default, as reported by Paluzzi in Twitter. To initiate a video call through the app, the user needs to tap the three-dot button (in the upper right corner) and then choose between a regular or video call. To work, currently, it is necessary that both users are using the Beta version.


The novelty has been promised since the beginning of the year and entered a Beta phase for iPhone users in June. Telegram has not officially announced the feature yet, but an update to the main application is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

Also new in the new Beta version of Telegram is support for Android 11’s notification bubbles and messages. They work as quick shortcuts to interact with apps without actually having to open them. The feature has been tested for the last month in version 6.3.0 of the app.