Telegram celebrates its sixth birthday with a new update that defeats WhatsApp


The Telegram messaging application is aging 6 years and to celebrate it, a much more advanced function than WhatsApp was announced.


For many people Telegram, born six years ago, is the best messaging application of all that is offered on the market. Although it does not have the great popularity that WhatsApp has, Telegram It became a very large app, which on its sixth birthday was kept fresh, or longer, as if it were the first day.

The founder of the messaging app, PĆ”vel ValĆ©rievich DĆŗrov, announced on his channel on his birthday. Telegram. In his message, he congratulated the request on his sixth birthday, which, in the creator's own words, continued to support freedom and privacy from day one.

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Telegram celebrates its sixth birthday with a new update that defeats WhatsApp 1

But not only highlights the moral of the application, but also the success of the platform. Telegram This is the third most used platform in countries where it is among the top 10 social applications.

Since its first release, the Telegram That is compared many times. At first it was due to its similarity to WhatsApp, but gradually it became increasingly different from the application. Facebook.

Telegram: a new sticker pack added to the app

And although there is not much understanding of where one application has to compete with the other to see which is the best, when we can enjoy both without problems. user, composed without a doubt Telegram This is much better than its competitors, and every time WhatsApp adds something new, the platform has had it before.

To celebrate their birthdays, they provide details of their new version where users can send silent messages to others so as not to disturb them in a compromised situation, and we will also have a "slow mode" that allows to build grouping time intervals for each member to send a new message.

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