Telegram grows in Brazil and is already in 45% of cell phones in the country

by Kelvin
Telegram grows in Brazil and is already in 45% of cell phones in the country

Telegram continues to gain space in Brazil and is already present in 45% of smartphones of the country, according to the survey “Panorama on mobile messaging”, carried out by Mobile Time and the Opinion Box. The study was carried out with 2,026 Brazilians between January 20th and 27th.

The survey was carried out at the height of the WhatsApp controversy, which boosted the adoption of Telegram and also the Signal application, focused on security. However, the messenger has been growing since previous years.


In 2018, the survey indicated that the Telegram was used in only 15% of smartphones in the country. Last year, the messenger already appeared on the device of 27% of Brazilians.

WhatsApp falls, but is the absolute leader

Even with the high growth rate, Telegram is still far from reaching WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg’s app dropped about 1% last year, but is present in 98% of cell phones in Brazil.

In addition to having more than twice the audience of Telegram, WhatsApp is also the messenger that most steals the attention of Brazilians. According to the survey, 86% of users open the app at least once a day.

Telegram’s daily usage rate is considerably lower. The study shows that only 22% of users open the app frequently, which still leaves the platform in the shadow of WhatsApp.

Even being the eternal second place, the Telegram continues to receive new functions to retain its users. Recently, the app gained support for self-destructive messages.