Telegram is updated with silent messages and much more

by Kelvin
Telegram se actualiza con los mensajes silenciosos y mucho más

Telegram Over the years it has become a more than dangerous competition for WhatsApp thanks to a large number of new features that have been improving its service. From the messaging app they want to get as many users as possible, and for them they usually integrate a large number of updates with which to retain all types of profiles. On this occasion we talk about some news among which the silent messages

The animated stickers, the improvement of privacy, the archived chats and the design … Many are the novelties that Telegram has incorporated over the last weeks, an application that improves every year that passes and that now is updated again with some Featured details Check out!


Telegram is updated: silent messages, animated emojis and much more

The Telegram version 5.10 It is already spreading throughout the world and comes with the main novelty of those known as "Silent messages." From the messaging app they opt for a new service in which a user can choose between sending a conventional message or doing it in silent mode. That is to say, the sender sends the message and the receiver receives it without having to skip the typical notification accompanied by the sound of the mobile. We talked about a very ingenious renewal of the sending of messages that can be quite useful for less important conversations.

To be able to send these messages, you must update the app to the latest version (5.10) and keep the send button pressed before doing so. A second later, an option called "Send message without sound" will appear. At that time we must release the button click on the message. Thus, The receiver will receive the message without ringing or vibrating the terminal.

But the silent messages have not been the only novelty that has come from the hand of this update, we can also highlight the call “Slow Mode” with which the administrators of the groups will be able to mark the time interval in which the rest of the users can send messages. This will avoid saturation in conversations. In addition, the administrators themselves may put a pseudonym that will appear next to their username in each message. The time stamps in videos It is also shown as another prominent feature. The key is to limit the time of the video so that we can go directly to what interests us.

Animated emojis are shown as another novelty of this new version and arrive accompanied by a new menu of attachments that will include a new design that improves visibility. It should be noted that all these news are already available on Google Play.

Source | Telegram