Telegram is updated with ‚Äúsilent messages‚ÄĚ to stay ahead of WhatsApp

by Kelvin
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For a few years now, Telegram and WhatsApp have been fighting their particular battle, however, as much as time goes by, the situation does not seem to change. Telegram is still the leading app in terms of news and improvements and WhatsApp continues to lead in terms of number of users.


Today the paper plane application has been updated with great news that show that in a matter of ideas your engineers are still ahead of the competition. Among all these developments we have what they have called "Message in Silence", a form of send a message to a contact and that this does not make any noise on the device that is received, perfect for sending messages at night and nobody wakes up.

Telegram keeps getting aces out of his sleeve

More than 100 million active users in the world, Telegram is the best alternative to WhatsApp in the market and also continues to introduce new features that make it go one step ahead. Among all these news we have, in addition to the "Message in silence", a form of reducate the number of messages that are sent in the groups and greater customization of the dark mode.

These are all the news that you can already enjoy with the latest Telegram update:

  • Press and hold the Send button to send messages without sound, in case the recipient is sleeping.
  • Turn on slow mode in group permissions to control how often members can send messages.
  • Set custom titles for group administrators, such as "Founder," "CFO" or "Anti-Spam."
  • Choose different enhancement colors for all themes, including dark ones, in Settings> Appearance.
  • Enable or disable loop playback for animated stickers in Settings> Stickers.
  • Send an emoji: heart:: thumbsup:: meh:: wow or: party: to add a powerful animated emoji to the chat.

Telegram vs WhatsApp

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As we see Telegram continues to incorporate incredible options to your application, the silent mode will be really useful in many cases and the possibility of being able to control how often members of a group can send messages It is perfect for that ‚Äúheavy group‚ÄĚ.

They also continue to introduce improvements in the dark mode, a mode that we are still waiting for in WhatsApp, news in animated stickers and titles for the administrators of a group that can also be interesting. Telegram still ahead of WhatsApp as functions, a pity that it is not in terms of users.