Telegram now allows importing WhatsApp conversations; see how

by Kelvin
Telegram now allows importing WhatsApp conversations;  see how

If you are one of the users who decided to leave WhatsApp, but have doubts about leaving the platform Facebook, Telegram presented yesterday (27) a new tool that can help in your decision: whoever opts for the Russian application will be able to take with them all their WhatsApp chat history.

The new functionality, for now restricted to iOS devices, came along with version 7.4 of Telegram which, in the update notes, provides the option to “move your chat history from other apps like WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk to Telegram” . See below:


Shortly thereafter, Telegram released a version update, with the number 7.4.1, which removed the reference to the migration tool. However, you can still import your chats directly from WhatsApp.

How to export WhatsApp conversations to Telegram?

In order for your conversation history to be transferred from WhatsApp to Telegram, you must have the two recent updates of the two applications installed on your device. After updating, just follow the step-by-step instructions below to import.

Note that it is not possible to import chats in batch. You will have to transfer them individually from WhatsApp to Telegram. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the conversation you want to export
  2. Access the contact information menu, select the option “Export conversation” (in some cases you have to click on “More” first)
  3. Then you will see the options “Include media files” or “No media”
  4. Choose the one you prefer, knowing that including media files increases conversation size
  5. Choose Telegram from the share menu and select the contact you want to embed the imported chat with
  6. When prompted to import messages, select “Import”. It’s done!