Telegram prepares its cryptocurrency: The Gram

by Kelvin

Telegram announced its intention to create a cryptocurrency, the Gram, in 2017, and until 2018 it already got 1.7 billion dollars from private investors with one condition: have it all ready before October 2019.

Shortly after Telegram left the project, but now the batteries have been put back with the aim, surely, of not losing the investment they received, so until October they will have the Gram available for their hundreds of millions of users worldwide .


The objective is to allow to operate in a blockchain network called TON, created by themselves, with 2.89 million Grams available so that users can make transfers between them using their platform. This would be the TON trailer:

It has been the New York Times that has discovered the legal clause that indicates that the currency must be ready before the end of October, and although the deadline for solving technical problems is viable, it is not so much what they will need to receive the corresponding approval, since we are talking about an increasingly regulated sector.

Having a digital wallet for Gram within a messaging application as used as Telegram is a good idea, but it is believed that it could have as many oscillations as Bitcoin. While the Libra de Facebook is backed by traditional currencies, Gram is not, and if Facebook is having problems with regulators, Telegram will not have it easy.

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