Telegram presents new advances in its next bet, its own cryptocurrency

by Kelvin
Telegram presents new advances in its next bet, its own cryptocurrency

Telegram, crowned as many as the queen of instant messaging apps for the privacy protection it offers to users, has just turned six since its launch. That's right, it was in August 2013 when the Russian social network emerged from the app stores to, half a decade later, look at the top 10 from any app store.

It is well known that instant messaging apps present a commercial competition fierce, risky Y constantly evolving. Telegram, presented as the great rival of the indestructible WhatsApp, has been improving for years to please users and show that a better alternative to the green phone is possible.


Although its number of users does not even reach WhatsApp, the company continues to strive to offer new platforms and add-ons for the app. A couple of years ago calls were added to Telegram. Later we would talk about mobile payments, until today cryptocurrencies.

The Telegram cryptocurrency will be released in less than two months

This is announced by a recent post in The New York Times. The company itself has already confirmed the existence and development of its own cryptocurrency which, baptized as Gram, will begin to unfold as of October 31 of this same year.

The truth is that, far from being slowly preparing the presentation of this new technology, Telegram is caught in a dangerous ultimatum. If Gram is not launched before October 31, the company will lose 1’7 billion dollars what, for months, got to carry out the project. Thus, the pressure has been flooding the company's offices for months to demand a successful launch and, of course, punctual with investors.

Gram, the mysterious cryptocurrency, will be stored in the digital wallet from Telegram, which will be launched parallel to the currency itself. Thus the company raises the simple operation of a technology that, for now, does not declare to be tested successfully.

It should be remembered that Telegram is not the only platform interested in the development of cryptocurrencies. Giants in the social environment as Facebook The development of Pound, the digital currency that the company intended to implement in the transactions operated by the platform users.

The cryptocurrency trend wins more and more strength at times. We cannot know yet which platform will be the first to launch a really operational technology with which transactions can be made without problems. However, if the ultimatum dictated for Telegram is fulfilled, we could begin to live with Gram much sooner than we expected.