Televisions will have a "filmmaker mode", true to the director's vision

by Kelvin

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No matter what TV you have, no matter what you have spent on it or how new it is: it is very likely that you are not enjoying your movies as you should. The fault is the "smoothing of images" and other techniques implemented by manufacturers in recent years.

The competition in the sector is so tough, that manufacturers have sought methods to get a clearer image and more fluid movements; To do this, they have developed filters and algorithms that modify the video to get us to notice when we watch the TV in a store or mall.


In addition to filters that provide more brightness or contrast to the image, interpolation algorithms, which insert frames in the video to make it seem more fluid than it is.

Televisions that respect the director's vision

This war between television manufacturers has a collateral victim: the artistic vision of the creators. These technologies, while impressive, also inevitably change the photography and style of the director. What you see doesn't look much like what the director wanted you to see.

In the last months we are seeing a rebellion against these techniques, and some directors and actors have come to publicly request that we deactivate these functions on our televisions.

Now the UHD Alliance, composed of some of the leading manufacturers in the sector such as Sony, Toshiba, LG, Philips, Panasonic or Samsung, has announced the creation of a new mode designed to respect directors' decisions.

East "Filmmaker Mode", or "filmmaker mode", will actually focus on disabling all post-processing implemented on the television, including image smoothing. It will also ensure that you respect the original aspect ratio (even if that means displaying black bars), the color and the original frame rate.

Therefore, the result should be very similar to what the director imagined. It should be clarified that each television works differently and does not have the same characteristics; Therefore, if you compare two different televisions with this mode, you will see differences in the treatment of color, brightness and contrast.

Still, the new mode it will be called the same on all televisions, and will execute the same changes when activated. It will be recognizable by the same logo on all manufacturers.

Filmmaker Mode

UHD Alliance

Officers ending with Rian Johnsson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) and Chirstopher Nolan (the trilogy The dark knight) have praised this decision, stating that the new mode will be a "clean and clear expression" of what the film should be.

The new mode will gradually reach the televisions of the members of the UHD Alliance, but there are no specific dates. Vizio has been the most concrete, stating that the mode will be available on the new televisions that it will launch in 2020.

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