Terraria 1.3 released with the new interface redesign, online multiplayer and much more

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Terraria en Android

An update expected by Terraria fans and that thanks to version 1.3 They will be able to enjoy a fully optimized version for touch screens with an interface designed for it.

It is not that the previous versions of Terraria were unplayable, but that they lacked many buttons and other elements in the interface to take full advantage of our game hours.

And apart from a new interface, even online multiplayer

As the team behind Terraria has said, Terraria has been reimagined for mobile. And well what do they do, since now the mobile is breaking it and any game that has a large player base and is special, can give a lot of if for many years updated as they have done.

Terraria 1.3 comes with a new user interface that offers a new level of interaction and capabilities that were previously impossible to achieve. Not only have they stayed in what is a new interface, but they have integrated the online multiplayer to play with up to 7 friends both through the Internet and can be a local connection.


Also have to count with new sizes for the worlds and that it is due to the best ostensible of the terminals in recent years. So you can play worlds in which resources do not run out in weeks, which covers those games with 7 players at levels not reached before.

Another novelty is new bosses and enemies to fight and are about to discover. Let's review the full list of news:

  • A new Terraria reimagined for mobile with new controls and a completely renewed user interface.
  • Online multiplayer with 7 friends both online and by local connection.
  • New sizes for the worlds.
  • New final bosses and enemies to fight with.
  • New End of Game Event called Celestial Invasion with the final encounter of the Moon Lord.
  • New expert mode to challenge Terraria veterans.
  • More than 800 new itemss to discover. A total of 3,500.

The new Terraria interface explained

In Terraria we are facing a 2D sandbox in which we can collect resources, create objects, fight, build buildings, explore and fight. So we are in need of an interface that allows us to interact in the best way with our environment and move with our skills in the best way.

Terraria 1.3

The two control sticks are located in the same space, one on the left and one on the right, but in the Terraria 1.3 a series of 4 buttons have been included that accompany each one to be a total of 8.

On the left stick we have buttons to fight, dig and two to use potions, while in the right we have a button to use a secondary weapon, another for the main one, one for the jump and another that seems for a secondary action.


At the bottom we have a series of strategically placed buttons for other actions, and what would be two to enlarge and reduce the zoom on the screen.If we go to the top, there are two spaces: one on the left for the action bar with 10 holes (with an icon that indicates the buffs that we have applied) and on the right what would be the health, the map and another series of buttons plus the magic or mana points.

All an update for Terraria which returns all the gaming experience on the PC to our mobile through an interface and a series of new content to install this great sandbox for Android again. If you never tried it, now is the best time for it. Spend 5 euros, but each euro spent in Terraria returns hours and hours of adventures, laughs and fun, what are you waiting for?

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