Test 4 pixels as Movement on your device through Tasker


In this guide, we will show you how to test Pixels 4 as motion gestures on your Android device. One of the main topics of conversation with the Pixel 4 launch is the Soli Project. This is a mini radar sensor that helps control Sense Motion. Motion Sense allows you to perform various movements on the sensor of your device without touching it.

Just move your hand over the sensor, and the integrated soli chip will do the rest. You can swipe left or right to change tracks, put your hands on the sensor for a few seconds to pause / play songs, etc. Well, the idea behind this might be clear now. But the point is that all of this is possible 'only' in Pixels 4.


Today I will share with you the steps to test movements like Soli on your Android device as well. We will take the help of Tasker, one of the most powerful automation applications for Android. The steps are a bit complicated and you should install two or three more plugins. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the steps very carefully. With that, here are the steps to test Pixel 4 as motion gestures on your Android device.

Possible Pixel 4 Actions as Movement via Tasker

Because this is a solution and we don't really use Soli technology, don't expect the same level of performance you get in Pixel 4. However, Tasker can mimic this move quite well, only with a few hiccups here and there. Today, we will test two types of activities using the Pixel 4 plugin as movement gestures:

  • Change music tracks, including Next, Previous, Play, and Pause song tracks.
  • Send WhatsApp messages without writing. We will use gestures to initiate voice commands. Then you can say the desired message. This will automatically be written to the WhatsApp send message box.

With that, here are the steps to test Pixel 4 as motion gestures on your Android device.

Complements and necessary permits

You can give all the permissions below at the beginning yourself. Or start apps and plugins and when the popup appears give that example.

  • First, download the Tasker app on your Android device. Play Store has a paid version. You can try the free trial version from Tasker's official website.
  • Then download Automatic entry Y Automatic notification Tasker Plugin from Play Store. They both need access to Accessibility services. Go to Configurations > Accessibility and turn on the switch.
  • To test Pixel 4 as Motion Gestures, Tasker also requires the following permissions:
    tasker's permit

Now follow the instructions below to set up the app and use Pixel 4 as motion gestures on your device.

Set up the Tasker app

pixel import 4 gesture

  1. Go to this website and import The Tasker project to your device This is the work of XDA members joaomgcd, so a big shout out to him.
  2. As soon as you touch import, you will automatically be taken to the Tasker application.
  3. A Data import A dialog box will appear, Touchez Yes
  4. If you have not been given permission, you will be asked to do so. Follow the on-screen instructions and grant the necessary permissions.
  5. When done open the Tasker Profile section and make sure the profile doesn't have an exclamation mark next to it. If one of them has, then it is missing some permissions and plugins. Recheck everything and continue testing Pixel 4 as motion gestures.
    pixel gesture profile 4

Control music using pixels 4 Motion Gesture Tasker Plugin

  1. Currently, you can use Google Play Music, Spotify and Pocket Casts apps with this Tasker plugin.
  2. Open one of these applications and play your favorite music. Now hold your hand over the sensor for a few seconds to pause the music, swipe right or left to play the next or previous song.

Using WhatsApp through Tasker

WhatsApp 4 pixel gestures

  1. Open WhatsApp and open the message screen.
  2. Just slide the sensor off the device. This will launch the Google Voice app.
  3. Say the desired message and it will be automatically written in the send message box. Press Send and your message will be sent. Quite interesting, right?

With that in mind, we conclude a guide on how to test Pixels 4 as motion gestures on your Android device. It is surprising how automation applications can perform such tasks with a high degree of precision. All of that makes it more commendable given the fact that it doesn't even require administrative rights (also known as root). What do you think about this? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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