Test – Escape The Lost Pyramid: an escape room in virtual reality

by Kelvin
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Escape rooms are a hobby and we see them popping up everywhere in big cities and elsewhere. Each brand is fighting for rooms with as much immersion as possible. It was therefore quite normal to see new adventures in virtual reality. When we know the immersion offered by VR helmets, we expect as much from such an adventure. So we tested for you the adventure " Escape the lost pyramid". But what is the mix between escape room and virtual reality?

Immerse yourself in Assassin's Creed

You can find on the site of the game Escape The Lost Pyramid the different places where the adventure is playable. You have to know that the app is developed by Ubisoft and is based on the game Assassin's Creed. The animus machine, well known to the players of Assassin's Creed, allows you, thanks to DNA fragments, to project you into the memory of the subject to relive fragments of it. In this adventure, you will be propelled in 1928 to understand why, during the expedition of Sir Beldon Frye, this one disappeared looking for the pyramid of Nebka. You still have to discover what they were looking for and what really happened.


An adventure with HTC Vive headsets

Once the game master has set you in the mood with the story, he equips each player to start the adventure. In the room where we were, HTC Vive helmets were used. The material is among the best of today in the world of VR today, so no complaints on this side. The helmets are wired and are therefore connected to the center of the room at the ceiling. Each player is found in an empty room of 9m ² to evolve in the adventure.

Nothing annoying at this level, because the cable is long enough that you can move anywhere in the room. We will note a single small snag on some movements, where we can take the controllers in the cables, although it is not really disturbing. As for the controllers supplied with the helmets, they are easily forgotten to become an extension of your hand.

Test - Escape The Lost Pyramid: an escape room in virtual reality 3

Successful gameplay

Of course when we hear the name of Ubisoft, we expect something of a clean gameplay level. Well you will not be disappointed, because the game is super intuitive. A single button is useful per controller, used to catch or release an object. The rest of the actions will be done by movement: throwing, climbing, archery, etc.

To learn how to master the actions, the game starts with a quick tutorial. The player finds himself in a corridor where, as he progresses, he will discover the gameplay. He will finish his journey in a room where he will have the opportunity to choose his avatar.

Test - Escape The Lost Pyramid: an escape room in virtual reality 4

The entire gameplay is based on real actions to be made by yourself, and that's exactly what we expect from an adventure in virtual reality, but also an escape room in VR, because you have to grab objects , analyze them, then use them.

An experience that moves away from the escape room …

Although the hardware and gameplay are at the top, we are disappointed with the room escape room. Moreover we prefer to qualify the adventure experience rather than escape room. Although the primary goal is to get out of the pyramid, there are almost no elements that bring us closer to a real escape room.

The search is reduced to a minimum, which can be described as almost non-existent. The riddles are quite basic. We are rather confronted with a video game, as the complexity is minimal. It would have been necessary that Ubisoft worked in collaboration with creators of escape game in order to propose a more advanced experiment. But despite this detail, the adventure is really pleasant.

Small downside, however, the adventure is quite expensive. We did not compare this one with the other places, but for our part, we paid a little more than a classic escape, that is to say 136 euros for 4 players.

Escape the lost pyramid

Escape the lost pyramid

Good points

  • Quality material
  • Accessible gameplay
  • In the universe Assassin's Creed
  • An adventure at the top …

Negative points

  • … but not a good escape room
  • A little expensive

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